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The Service & Convenience You Deserve

Free Delivery

We make house calls! That's right: if you live within the Springfield city limits, we'll deliver your prescriptions right to your door, and for FREE. Personal health, mobility, and medical items, too. By courier or mail, we'll get you exactly what you need, right when you need it. Our community trusts Whitacre Pharmacy.

$3.95 Prescription Plan

Our $3.95 program gives you access to more than 300 generic prescription drugs without breaking your budget. Now more than ever, choice and value are critical to helping you and your family get the prescription drugs you need at prices you can afford. With Whitacre's $3.95 Generic Drug Program, you get both.

Loyalty Rewards & Gift Cards

Looking to gift, reward or incentivize someone? Whitacre Pharmacy gift cards are a perfect gift for friends & family. Stop by your local Whitacre Pharmacy to purchase a Whitacre Gift Card. You can also contact us for information on how you can receive your gift card by mail. Take advantage of the rewards!


Old Whitacre Pharmacy Store in Springfield Ohio As it is stated just below our logo, we at Whitacre Pharmacy DO provide The Service & Convenience You Deserve. That has been our professional philosophy for over 100 years and is just as important today, if not more with all the advances in medicine, than it was back then. The ‘You’ in our motto is what matters the most, because it's about the individual people we serve here in our Springfield Ohio community, and ensuring that we provide the BEST POSSIBLE service that a Pharmacy business can provide. We serve the needs of our whole community, as well as maintain great relationships with the individuals we serve.

Whitacre Pharmacy Mascot

Whitacre’s Pharmacists are some the most professional and knowledgeable Pharmacist in the business. We draw on knowledge from generations & generations of Whitacre Pharmacists. Big chain Pharmacy stores cannot, and do not provide the kind of knowledgeable service that we offer.

We accept all major insurance plans, including Medicare Part D, & Health Savings Account (HSA) cards.

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